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3D printers delivered to all four LCSD high schools

In an effort to further push classrooms into the 21st century, all four high schools in the Lauderdale county public school district have received something they never have before: 3D printers. With 3D printing being a major catalyst in all areas of the modern job market, high school students within the district are getting first-ever hands on experience.

“Everything is getting a lot more advanced, and most jobs are using technology even more. So, it’s good to have a little bit of background knowledge about it,” said Tanner Hicks, who is a junior at Clarkdale. Even though they’ve only been in the district’s high schools for a day, students are already creating.

“We have two prototypes from preloaded things it had created. After lunch yesterday, they got online and they found some free programs, where they downloaded the FFA things. So, our next step is going to be designing our own things. We’re looking forward to getting it started,” said Clarkdale’s FFA Advisor, Toni Buchanan.

Another junior at Clarkdale who plans to major in engineering says this opens doors for other technological advances within the classroom. “Well, it lets us learn more about what technology is doing in schools. It helps us just expand our learning on coding, modeling, and all that kind of stuff,” said Hunter Dobbins.

While 3D printing is one factor in modern technology, Buchanan says this is really about something bigger. “When we go to events like the National Convention, we see all of the technology that’s out there and how it relates to us. We’re hoping in the near future to get a CNC machine, which cuts metal in a very similar way to the way this machine does plastics. It’s run by a robotic arm and a computer. So, this is just a step in that direction.”

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