NAS Meridian has designation ceremony.
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NAS Meridian has designation ceremony.

MERIDIAN, Miss (WGBC) -After Hearing the gusting winds, and seeing the giant military aircraft pass by; Lieutenant Tim Walsh knew one day he wanted to become a pilot and fly a T-45 GoShawk.

“ I grew up next to a Naval air station right outside Boston in a city Called Weymouth, Massachusetts, there used to be a Navy air station there, and I just kind of from the early stage got addicted to watching Navy aircraft take off and land right in my back yard, so from the early stage; I always wanted to fly for the Navy.” Said Lieutenant Jr. grade Tim Walsh.

Years later, Walsh stuck to his calling and decided to pursue his dream no matter what challenges he would encounter.

“The biggest difficulty was my wife was also active duty, and she was deployed for six months on a Navy destroyer, so that was kind of hard trying to go through flight school studying, and preparing for flight, and also trying to stay in contact with my wife was definitely the hardest, but; she’s back now, and we’re going to live together up in Virginia Beach so it makes everything well worth it.”Said Lieutenant Jr. grade Tim Walsh.

Walsh was so dedicated he even cut back on vitamin d in fear he would grow too tall to fit in an aircraft.

“When he was eleven, he stopped drinking milk, and I was like: why want you drink it anymore, and he was saying he didn’t want to be as tall as his three brothers because he wanted to fit inside an f-18.” Said Maureen Walsh, Tim Walsh's mother.

Today, Walsh received his gold wings during the Naval Aviation Ceremony, and he has an important message for those who may want the same.

“Never take no for an answer, I think it’s the biggest piece of advice I can give to someone, I hit many roadblocks trying to become a naval officer and a navy pilot, and I just never gave up, I kept trying.”Said Lieutenant Jr. grade Tim Walsh.