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Clarkdale High School holds college signing day

When three high school seniors at Clarkdale High School graduate, they will once again unite by attending The University of Southern Mississippi.

“The students get the recognition for making the commitment to continue their education beyond high school, whether it’s in a community college, a university or the military, and it also is important for the underclassmen to see this process.” Said Susan White,Clarkdale High School counselor

Hallie Crews Saulters is on the path to becoming an educator.

“I want to be able to become an elementary teacher and teach grades like 3rd and 4th grade.” Said Hallie Crews Saulters, Clarkdale High School senior.

Saulters already has experience interacting with children.

“I have worked two jobs involving children my first job was at Anderson’s Fitness Center, and I worked in their childcare and then currently I am employed at East Mississippi Cheer, and I’m a coach for children.” Said Hallie Crews Saulters,Clarkdale High School senior.

Oneste Bennette will major in kinesiology, and believes that the program at Southern Miss will not only benefit her, but she will also make new friends.

“I think that Southern Miss would be a great college for me to get to learn how the community is and how the people are, and I think the program for me is great because I really want to help people out and the medical field is something that I’m aiming for.” Said Oneste Bennett, Clarkdale High School senior.

Sydney Naimen will major in sports medicine programs and leaves behind a message for rising seniors of 2020.

“Don’t give up, it’s provably better in the end after you graduate; it’s going to be worth it when you go to college.” Said Sydney Naimen Clarkdale High School senior