Former Southeast High School football player gets drafted into the NFL
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Former Southeast High School football player gets drafted into the NFL

Former Southeast High School football player Damion Willis has now been drafted with an NFL Team; The Cincinnati Bengals. Willis says he has been playing football since an early age.

“I’ve been playing football since like ten years old if I’m not mistaken; since I was nine or ten years old: so about ten years old.” said Damion Willis.

Recently, he received the news that any athlete would want to hear; getting drafted with the NFL.

“I was at home on the coach with my mother, and my girlfriend, and my cousins, and when they called my phone; I was happy they called me:they were like we wanted you; we didn’t get to draft you.” Said Damion Willis.

Willis says the team that has brought him aboard already feels like family.

“The Cincinnati Bengals, they got a great coach. I took a visit before the draft; I got to meet a lot of players:it was a good family oriented coach up there.” Said Damion Willis.

Southeast High School coach Centel Trumen, says Willis opportunity is well deserved.

“It’s hard work

his character, his motivation, his parents had done an excellent job raising him; so it was easy for me to help shape him in the area that he was going: because he already had the intentions already.” Said Southeast High School Coach, Centel Trumen.

Willis says he will always remember playing football at Southeast High School.

“I remember when I was in high school, our team, we sold out the stands, it was like a packed community, everybody was just supportive; so I always said I wish I could come back and play for them again.” Said Damion Willis.

Willis now leaves behind proven opportunity in his community that anyone seeking the NFL has the chance if they work for it.

“It’s giving them a lot of hope to show that anything is possible, they can see that I did it and now they can do it.” Said Damion Willis.

Willis will not forget where he comes from and everyone that supported him before his draft in the NFL.

“I’m going to come back; you know all of my family stays here, so I’m going to be visiting from time to time every chance I get to visit.” Said Damion Willis.