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Northeast High School ROTC instructor teaches students life survival skills

“You can actually chew bark; it’s a tree out there that you can chew bark to get you some nutrition to help you survive and the first thing that all kids need to know how to do is fish.” Said Master Chief Kent Malone ROTC Instructor

Students at Northeast High School are being taught Life Survival Skills by an ROTC instructor who believes technology cannot always be dependable.

“I’m noticing that most of our kids today, They live with this technology and none knows survival skills, so just incase that all the technology goes away, I need these young men and women to know how to survive out in the wilderness as if they find themselves out in the wilderness; one of the most important things that they need to know is what to look for and how to handle them.” Said Master Chief Kent Malone ROTC Instructor

Malone says he learned several survival skills while in the military and is sharing it with others to catch their attention.

“ I did it one day, I was showing my youngest daughter how to find water, and we were out in the back yard finding water; because today that amazes kids: wow how did you get that to move like that; I didn’t it was moving on it’s own.” Said Master Chief Kent Malone ROTC Instructor

By using the Dawson tool, not only can you find water outside, but also for indoor use.

“Water creates a current, and it creates an electronic current, it’s running water so if you can find a leak by actually finding that water; you can actually use this by saving your mom and dad 6 or $700”. Said Master Chief Kent Malone ROTC Instructor

Malone says the discipleship is a key component that comes with applying life skills.

“One you want to panic, we teach you to be patient; you have to be patient because nothing happens over night, Rome wasn't built in a day and the world wasn't created in a day, so what you have to learn is how to face and look a problem instead of crumbling you have to look at that problem."

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