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Cole's Barber College holds first commencement

Cole’s Barber College celebrated its first graduate class since it opened last year.

The ceremony was Saturday at The Boys and Girls Club of East Mississippi, seven graduates are now ready to take their board exam.

Students that completed 15-hundred hours won big name awards such as the Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show Award.

“All of my students have learned all the things that they need to know to be good barbers, and I think that they’re all going to do well as far as opening up shops or working inside, they’re going to bring something new to the barbershop because they know all barbering they don’t have to guess about what they didn’t know.” Said Arlanders Marscell Cole, Sr, Cole's Barber College owner.

The barber college has now started a scholarship in honor of an inspired barber that passed away.

the scholarship pays the full amount of tuition for the chosen recipient.