Meridian honors the fallen, hosts annual Memorial Day Service
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Meridian honors the fallen, hosts annual Memorial Day Service

On this Memorial Day, Meridian is remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms America has enjoyed all her days. “Well, it’s critically important that we remember the folks that served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice. They gave their lives for our country, and everything we have, all of our freedoms, are the product of their work and their sacrifice. If we ever forget that, we’re missing the boat on it, so, it’s important that we take time to honor their memories,” said Capt. Brian S. Horstman, who is the Commanding Officer at Naval Air Station Meridian.

Local veterans, along with the community, gathered around the courthouse downtown to raise a salute to their memories and to comfort the families they have left behind. “They should be very proud of the sacrifices their family members have made, that, they can take a lot of pride in loving something, as cause, greater than yourself, and providing us everything we have today. There’s nothing we can ever do to bring those people back, but we can be grateful for their sacrifice and be thankful that they lived here and made this country great,” said Capt. Horstman.

He also used this time in being the guest speaker to also reflect on those he has lost to war. “America has been at war for a long time—Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the War on Terror. Most of us who are serving today have been at war most of our career, for me about half my career,” said Capt. Horstman. “I’ve got plenty of shipmates that aren’t here with us today, and there’s a special connection for me on days like this to remember them.” During the ceremony, the Reading of the Fallen was presented by LeRoy Morse and Ward Calhoun, along with Ladies Auxiliaries laying wreaths in honor of those veterans who have given everything.