Several travel to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Okatibbee Lake
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Several travel to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Okatibbee Lake

Over 50 years ago, a project began by partnership of the Pat Harrison Water Way district and the Us Army Corps of Engineers to help reduce floods in the area.

Politicians, military andother supporters were present for a ceremony celebrating the state park's milestone.

“To reminisce what it was like when somebody said we’re going to build a lake and have twenty-eight miles of shore line to think of what that was like when they heard that news 50 years ago and today celebrating all the families that are enjoying this lake and the accomplishments and the crown jewel for Lauderdale County.” Cindy Hyde-Smith, U.S Senator for Mississippi.

Still to this day, Okatibbee Lake serves the community in several capacities. “This project provides several purposes for both the core engineers in The State of Mississippi and the local community, it provides flood risk reduction because it controls the water releases that goes down the river, it provides recreation benefits we’ve head a lot of that today, they really enjoyed that and it’s become a way of life for the community.” Colonel Sebastien Joly, U.S Army Corps Of Engineers

The 28 miles of shore line often receives several visitors and provides opportunity for a history lesson. “Being a natural resource specialist out here at Okatibbee Lake, with The U.S Army core of engineers has been a exceptional experience for my self being able to provide recreational oppurtunities for the public and visitors and everybody in general to come out and use these facilities.” Said Nikia Angevine, natural resource specialist