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Knight Parker Road not to be rezoned

The Meridian city council voted in their latest meeting 4-1 to not rezone Knight Parker Road, which is just off Hwy 80. At the council's previous meeting, a public hearing was held where citizens who live on the road expressed their concerns over the residential area being rezoned to a B2 zone. Citizens who own thirty acres of land just off the road claim that a prominent Nurse Practitioner in the Meridian area wants to build a clinic on the road, using this land, which would require the B2 rezoning, and they also claim the area was originally a zone. Residents who live on the road claim they had been left out of the entire process, but those in favor of the clinic claim they went door-to-door and also put out signs.

Council President Tyrone Johnson says he feels the residents on Knight Parker Road had been left out of the whole process, and with the road already being narrow, that it simply cannot handle the extra traffic. He also claims the area was never a B4 zone. "To change something that they've been used to for so many years, it will just end up changing their quality of life. I think it would've been better if there was some type of transparency throughout the process, but to leave the community out there unaware of what's coming to their community, it's not fair to the citizens," said Johnson. Dr. George Thomas was the only council member who was in favor of the area being rezoned.