Clarkco State Park will host third annual 5-k run
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Clarkco State Park will host third annual 5-k run

The Clarkco State Park is preparing for it’s third annual five-k run that happens this Saturday starting at eight in the morning.

Participants in the race will be able to witness the beautiful scenery of the lake surrounding the race. T-shirts are available for all participants who enter the race and door prizes are available for winners. Proceeds from the race will be split between The Clarkco State Park and comfort creatures which is an animal rescue shelter that help homeless animals.

“I’ve got a real active Friend of Clarkco Group here at the park, it’s people that helps do events and all here at the park and we said well we’ll work with another group and that shelter just started up last year and they needed money as far as feeding the dogs and things like that." Said Tony Fleming, park manager.

To learn more about the weekend race, please contact Clarkco State Park.