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Meridian Community College launches STEAM camp

For one week only, students ages 13 to 17 will learn all about Science, technology, engineering art, and applied math during the STEAM program at Meridian Community College.

“We’re going to put scuba equipment on them and you know train them the skills that they would need to be a scuba diver to so that they could see what the underwater world is really like, so in the classroom we’re going to talk about where we’ll find these animals and then in the pool we’re going to teach them how they would go about learning how to do research while scuba diving.” Said Dr. Bob Sample, MCC instructor. Marine biology is a popular course offered in the STEAM camp. “A lot of times we’ll take animals and specimens and everything and we’ll let the students look at them, we might do some dissections, they get exposure to organism they wouldn’t’ see here in the Mississippi area along with that we do water testing because we have some saltwater testing.” Said Dr. Bob Sample, MCC instructor.

Students are very enthused about enrolling in this course. “When I was maybe eight or nine, it was at the point where I was very in-between marine Biology and veterinarian. I’m more into water and all sorts of animals in it, so I just kind of weighted closer to that.” Said Kennedy Strickland, 7th grade student. “I’ve never really put on the suit or anything like that before, so it’s going to be an experience.” Said Eliza Harris, 5th grade student. And for students who have interest elsewhere, learning about space is another course offered. “Astro camp is neat, NASA is neat, and I mean really and truly NASA has a lot of uh aw and for those nerds of us, they’re a lot of appeal that’s talk about space, and space flight." Said Dr. Angie Carraway MCC instructor.

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