A local family will open a restaurant to give back to the community
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A local family will open a restaurant to give back to the community

Denise and Daryl Johnson hope to give back to the community they love by way of taste buds.

The Johnsons are in the final stages of opening a restaurant in Meridian. A far more favorable experience than in December of 2018 when the family home was destroyed in a fire. In the midst of recovery; they found their silver-lining. “Looking for a house, this restaurant came up, something I didn’t want to do, I just wanted to raise my child, have him graduate from high school and go on to college and that was it and retire like everybody else, but I see the need here in the community” Said Daryl, Johnson, Family Affair, owner.

The Johnson family says they have received so much love from the community that this has been the driving force to give back. “I feel that I want to give back now because you accepted me, not being from here, and gave me that love so now I just want to give back to those that gave me that same love from the band boosters, from the church, from the council members from the just regular person in the neighborhood.” Said Daryl, Johnson, Family Affair,owner. Opening a restaurant in Meridian is something the Johnson family have plenty of experience in after successfully operating a restaurant in California for years. “We’re so blessed, and we get another opportunity to show our talents here in Meridian, everybody doesn’t know what my husband and I can do, but we got this platform to show them what we can do; how our food tastes.” Said Denise Johnson, Family Affair owner.

The family plans on raising funds through their restaurant to support local extracurricular educational oppurtunities. “The Meridian High band got invited to Washington, DC to be in the May parade and being president of the band boosters, how we’re going to raise money for that, so having a restaurant and having a platform where we can help and do our fundraiser for them.” .” Said Daryl, Johnson, Family Affair owner. “I want to just say thank you to the community, my church, my friends, for helping my husband and I through the turmoil that we have been through.” Said Denise Johnson, Family Affair owner.