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Youth with The Boys and Girls Club learn about military opportunities

Over 80 minority students with the Boys and Girls Club got to experience the Aviation Exposure exhibit and other military careers.

“I thank the U.S Air Force for actually letting me be here because there’s a lot of other kids in the world that have not been exposed in this moment.” Said Andreikis Terry.

The exhibit is a way to help encourage students to join the Air National Guard. “Historically, minorities have played a smaller role in the aviation world especially in the world of flying, one of the things we’re trying to do today is make these kids aware of the fact that these opportunities do exist there is pilot shortages right now and we’re just trying to make them aware of this, so they can pursue these career paths.” Said Charles Robertson president of principal jets.

Robinson says after conducting research he found a low percentage in minority pilots. “The last number that I saw was the commercial sector was the military, minorities made up about seven percent or less than the total number of people that are currently flying in the professional workforce whether it’s in the military or workforce.” Said Charles Robertson president of principal jets. “Our goal is to open up the doors roll out the red carpet and say here’s what we do, here are the opportunities that are available many career fields not just in flying not just in boom operators but in air craft maintenance and fire-fighting and supplying positions and medical positions.” Said Commander Edward Evans.

Students at the Boys and Girls Club say they are learning a lot from the exhibit. “I like the medical part because it taught me that being a nurse in the army is actually not easy, but it’s fun and you learn different things, you know what you want to do in life you get paid well and you actually become a different person and learn yourself.” Said Amari Mercer. I actually was very excited because I never had a chance to actually come to the air force and actually walk around on the base many kids don’t have the opportunity that we have, so I’m excited” Said Delonte Moore.

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