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Meridian Community College has a surprise party for the college president

Friends, family, colleagues and students gathered for a surprise celebration of Meridian Community College’s president Dr. Tom Huebner's one-year anniversary. “They really caught me off guard there’s no doubt that when I walked into the room. I had no idea there were going to be that many people in there and it really means a lot that the folks from the community, members of our boards of trustees, family members of our board of trustees.” said Dr. Tom Huebner, MCC president. Students that attend MCC say Huebner’s hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Seeing Dr. Huebner involved and active with the students on the campus makes me feel really special and it makes M-C-C a special place because a lot of presidents don’t do things like that at a lot of Universities or other colleges and it just makes MCC a really special place.” said Anna Grace Banks, MCC student. “He’s not just one of those presidents that you know he’s the president and that’s it , he’s someone that is actually out in the school he actually knows me by my first name, I’ve seen him out in public many times, he comes to my job we shake hands and we have that personal connection that I really like.” said Brian Cockrell, MCC student. Huebner says his one-year serving as college president has been a success and he’s looking to continue his role serving the campus well. “It was a really wonderful time for me to be able to reflect on the year and I can’t believe that it’s been a year, and I feel like we are such a strong institution with so many opportunities, and we really make an impact on this community, and then I get to be part of it and lead this effort.” said Dr. Tom Huebner, MCC president.