Lauderdale County School District hires two new principals
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Lauderdale County School District hires two new principals

Clarkdale High and Northeast High, now have newly appointed principals; Brian Jordan and Sammy Sullivan both feel qualified to have accepted the positions.

“I feel like it was time, I’ve been in education 14 years, and I feel like it was the right moment to take my own building and see where it goes.” said, Brian Jordan.

“I began teaching in 1999 as a non-traditional educator, I was 32 years old when I started teaching, so it’s been 19 years I’ve been in the business."said Sammy Sullivan. Jordan says his experience in education varies with titles, but he is very passionate about trying something different.

“This is my first head principal job, I’ve done several different things, a teacher, coach, assistant principal, maintenance and facilities director but this will be the first time being a head principal.” said, Brian Jordan Both principals with The Lauderdale County School District expect to develop a bond with the community. “ I am the principal and I have a certain job to do with discipline and stuff, I’m a dad, I’m a granddad I’m a father and I’m a husband, I’m a human like anyone else and I want them to know that our ultimate goal here at this school is to create a family network.” said Sammy Sullivan “I feel like I’m very open and I’m easy to talk to and that once people get to know me and they see what my character is that they’ll trust me and that hopefully they’ll be inspired by the vision that I have for Clarkdale.” said, Brian Jordan.