local business will help raise funds for Children's Museum.
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local business will help raise funds for Children's Museum.

East Mississippi Oral and Facial Surgery is backing the Meridian Children’s museum by helping raise funds through a lemonade stand. “Dr. Lala has always been very, very involved in the community and he feels that it’s just really, really important for us to embrace our children and to educate them as much as possible.”said,Shelley Whitehead. Organizers say children in Meridian deserve having a local convent museum.

“ A lot of people can't get to Jackson, they can’t get to Birmingham, they can’t get to Tuscaloosa, so having a children’s museum here in Meridian not only gives us a place to take our children to let them learn and have something constructive to do, it also enriches our lives in our community and it makes it a better place in Meridian to live.” .”said, Shelley Whitehead. Support from local partners is why the lemonade stand will open on July 16th between the hours of two and four and will only cost a small donation. “We are really excited because all of our products that have been used for this event has been donated, so we want to thank each and every one of you that have helped support a good cause.”Said Ami Para.