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The Lauderdale County School District partners with East Miss. Crime Stoppers

The Lauderdale County School District has partnered with The East Mississippi Crime Stoppers to make schools safer by way of electronic communication. “The citizens of our community want us to provide an excellent education to our children in a safe environment, today is an example of how we’re trying to provide a safe environment for our children,” said Kelvin Jackson Lauderdale County School Board president. The school district is using the P-3 campus app as a way for students to remain anonymous when battling school challenges.

“The administrator, the counselor and the resource officer would receive that one tip. Depending on what kind of tip it was, it would depend on who responds to the tip, if it was someone that was having some kind of depression issues obviously the counselor maybe be better fitted for that if it was a pre-planned fight that we caught wind of obviously the administration would be better fitted,” said Deputy Robby McClure, school resource officer. In order to access P-3 you first must download the app then create an account and afterwards you can make a report.

“There is a lot of things that happen on our educational properties that is not reported. This is a unique anonymous way that the kids don’t want to be the snitch. They can report this or they can go home and share it with their parents, and their parents can report it,” said Deputy Robby Mcclure, school resource officer. School principals have already seen the value in the app. “Face to face is hard for students especially if it’s a sensitive issue that they don’t want to tell an adult about it, and they certainly don’t want anybody seeing them tell. So to be able to use this app and nobody sees them tell, and for nobody to know who said it and we still have no idea who said it,” said Brittney Chaney, Southeast Middle School principal.

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