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Meridian businesses stock up for tax-free weekend

The tax-free weekend will be July 26th through 27th and stores locally are already gearing up for the big weekend.

“I look forward to Just seeing all of the customer's kids, customers that come back year after year and just watching them have a great experience here at Hibbert’s,” said Angela Dubose.

“You may have a mother that has three children like with us, we have this package for ninety-eight dollars which gives you pretty much a full week worth of clothes,” said Heather Garrison.

Tax-free weekend only comes once a year and this is why it’s important for shoppers to act fast while supplies last.

“Without the tax, I think it could cost them you know: just around about two-hundred dollars to stock up,” said Heather Garrison.

“You can get shoes, you can get book bags, clothing, and everything, and it all will be tax-free,” said Angela Dubose.

Clothing vendors are satisfied when tax-free comes around because not only do stores make money but shoppers save on several dollars. “It actually makes me feel good that they save money, it actually makes me feel good that they’re able to continue to shop local to spend money here in town versus going other places and it’s just a big, big weekend for us,” said Angela Dubose. “We’re able to help the parents as much as we can and they’re happier and kind of less stressed that they’re saving a little bit of money,” said Heather Garrison.