Love Out Loud volunteers clean up around The Clarkdale Attendance Center
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Love Out Loud volunteers clean up around The Clarkdale Attendance Center

Several volunteers with the Love Out Loud community service project gave a helping hand at the Clarkdale Attendance Center.

Volunteers saved school staff from landscaping and other outside duties.

“If you don’t keep a handle on the bushes and trees, and those kinds of thing, they’ll get out of hand in a hurry. With our custodial staff; they do a lot of that stuff, in the summertime, they have to focus on the inside of the buildings,” said Brian Jordan, Clarkdale High School principal.

Prior to school starting custodians get distracted with other school responsibilities. “Stripping floors, waxing them, cleaning out rooms and stuff and moving furniture and stuff like that,” said Debbie Walker, custodian. “With school about to start, it probably would take a month or so to get everything done,” Jordan said. Volunteers came prepared for whatever it would take to give the play area a facelift. “We’ve been able to spread out mulch, put new mulch down, remove some of the old broken plastic barriers and I think later on we’re going to be able to pressure wash it and get it nice and clean,” said Bill Weidner. It wasn’t just outside of the school where volunteers gave love, but special messages were left in the hallway for students. “Kids on the first day of school when they come to get their lockers, they’re going to see an encouraging note, kids might not notice the mulch, they might not notice the trimmed hedges but as you go by you see them and you enjoy the school and the area, it’s just that little bit you hope that makes a difference,” Weidner said.

Custodians with the school see the difference volunteers made by tidying up. “They have done a wonderful job around here, and it’s looking so good, and they are doing a great job, and we sure appreciate them coming and helping us out so much.” Walker said.