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Lauderdale County School administrators receive educational consulting

Administrators with The Lauderdale County School District invited Jayne Ellspermann to provide educational consulting before the start of the new school year.

“She’s a nationally recognized school leader and principal of the year. She’s got a lot of experience in school business, and improving schools, and we just thought it was great to have her come and alter our book study for our administrative team, and really help us focus on the year and how we can improve our schools culturally and instructionally,” said Dr. John Mark-Cain LCSD superintendent.

While in the meeting, administrators learned about the fundamental five, the formula for quality instruction, a book written by Sean Cain and Mike Laird, it’s to help teachers learn how to shift and optimize student learning.

“We’re really going to be focusing on instruction and what is the work that students are doing; we’re going to be looking at collecting data to make sure that we are measuring what the students learn and we’re identifying what we can do better in terms of helping the students master the standards that are expected for every student,” said Jayne Ellspermann, consultant.

This is not Ellspermann’s first time visiting the school district and she says the school district has plenty of potential for success. “This group of school leaders works very hard at making sure that everything that the students do is on point and it’s helping them be successful, we talked a little bit about graduation rate because I think that we all recognize that the community really is depending on schools graduating school,” Ellspermann said. The school district is rated a B at the moment, but administrators hope to improve that grade. “I think Dr. Cain has challenged us to be better at everything we do and so that’s what we’re trying to do from the administration on down. We want to make sure that we do everything we can to provide a great learning opportunity for our students and so, some of the things that we’re learning today it really makes us examine ourselves, it makes us reflect on who we are,” said Sandy Reid Lauderdale County curriculum director.