Meridian's Dr. Pasha first in state to perform breakthrough procedure using Stimwave
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Meridian's Dr. Pasha first in state to perform breakthrough procedure using Stimwave

For nearly two decades, Dr. Azhar Pasha has been treating post-surgery patients to deal with pain that lingers on due to various, underlying neurological problems. Now, he’s the first surgeon in the state of Mississippi to use the Stimwave Freedom SCS System. “There is a pathway in the back of our spinal cord called the dorsal column, which carries the pain signal from the tip of our toes and from the tip of our fingers to the brain and tells us that we’re having pain,” said Dr. Pasha.

To block these pain signals, Dr. Pasha has been inserting bulky battery packs through a relatively invasive procedure, that, many patients have issues with down the road. These patients also experience a higher recovery time and often have to use opiods to ease the pain. Through a small needle, this wireless technology transmits through and blocks the pain signal, based on where it’s implanted. “And the fact that there is no need for a battery, we can put these leads not only in the back, we can put it in the back of the head for occipital headaches, we can put in the shoulder area, the hip, around the knee, or even in the foot,” said Dr. Pasha.

After dealing with chronic low back pain due to past injuries, one patient was tired of injections and medications that only lasted temporarily, and he was the first person to receive this minimal procedure by Dr. Pasha. “With Stimwave, all I do is strap it on and turn it on, and the pain is gone. It doesn’t take it hours. In my case, I don’t have any more pain from that. It has fixed it. It’s a God-send,” said Ron Burton.

Dr. Pasha performed Burton’s surgery in March, and since then, he has performed this on nearly a dozen patients, all of whom report minimal to no pain. “Now that I have this new technology available to me, I feel really excited that, I think, I’ll be able to help a whole lot of other patients in my practice that I could not help before.” To see if you qualify for this procedure or to simply set up an appointment, call Dr. Pasha’s office at 601-484-3200.