Cole's Barber College in Meridian offers back to school haircuts
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Cole's Barber College in Meridian offers back to school haircuts

Arlanders Coles wants to help parents save money on haircuts after spending money on expensive back to school supplies.

“My hair cuts are $10 for my students and today, we’re cutting hair for $5 for the kids that’s getting ready to go back to school: that’ll help out the parents because you know; you got a lot of things that you got to do to get your child ready for school,” Cole said.

Cole was not alone, as he had help from his students at the barber college.

“It’s good for the community, and it’s good experience for my students as well to learn how to cut hair. It’s a good experience for both the students and the public, it’s a win-win situation,” Cole said.

“It feels good that we can actually help the community out; you know it’s a lot of single mothers out there that really need this chance to come by and get it done early, not be in a rush before school like the day before and all that so I feel like it was a really a positive thing,” Cole said.

Reneaya Boswell is a mother of four and says the discounted haircuts were a much-needed relief.

“I know it’s helping the other parents out and stuff; because it’s also saving us some money because; it is very expensive and some of us single mothers which don’t have that much help, it helps a lot,” Boswell said.

Boswell says she is very happy about the discount because she usually spends big money on haircuts.

“About $35 to $40, but you know, it was a special going on which helped me out a lot,” Boswell said.

Cole says by being a parent he can relate to the expense of back to school shopping.

“I have kids and grandkids so I know that it can get expensive, so I’m glad that I could help; being put in that position where I could help parents out,” Cole said.