Meridian Airport announces it will no longer share flights with Hattiesburg
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Meridian Airport announces it will no longer share flights with Hattiesburg

The Meridian Regional Airport has announced that SkyWest Airlines will no longer share flights with the Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport. “You know, this is an improvement for us, because the flights have been shared. So, basically, they’ve taken a share of the airplane and we’ve had a share. So, now, we’ll have the whole airplane to ourselves. Not sharing the airplane means we should have better on-time reliability, which we’ve done really well with. However, the idea, if there’s going to be a hiccup at another airport or some issue, that then goes away because we have the flight to ourselves,” said Meridian Airport Authority President, Tom Williams.

One man from Detroit, Michigan has been using the Meridian airport whenever possible. “I’ve found it very convenient. There’s no crowds, it’s been comfortable, and the people working here were very congenial in helping. When you’re traveling, you don’t need an excessively crowded environment, which is pretty much what you find in most airports. So, it was a very nice difference,” said Frank Pruitt. “You’re treated like a person at the ticket counter because we hired people that operate with a customer service mindset, and you get treated well here. And, generally, you know several people on the flight with you, so there’s somebody to talk to,” said Williams. The flights will no longer be shared with Hattiesburg beginning on September 4th.