Meridian Police Department purchases new vehicles
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Meridian Police Department purchases new vehicles

The Meridian Police Department has purchased seven new police cars; the 2019 Dodge Chargers feature State of the art equipment.

“When an officer opens up the driver’s side door, it will shut the lights off on that side of the bar to keep from highlighting that officer which goes back in the officers safety and it also protects that officer especially at night; his night vision it’s not blinding him: they run dual sirens on them and run an alternate pattern,” said Captain John Griffith.

The new cars will only be driven by the shift sergeant and lieutenant but there is still good news for shift officers.

“We’re possibly looking to buying some more chargers, they will be the black and white and be for the patrol officers. There will be that distinction in there, the black and whites is the patrol officer and the solid black is the supervisors,” said Captain John Griffith.

The 7 cars are estimated to cost around $32,000 apiece and that includes adding police equipment.

“All of our fleet now with the exception of one car was brought by drug seized money so that saves the taxpayers money, it leaves money in the city’s budget overall for other things that are needed,” said Captain John Griffith.

MPD’s fleet is mostly made up of a Chevy Caprices and Ford Taurus’s but something stands out about Dodge Chargers.

“The difference is with these is the 5.7 liter, the Taurus is a 6 cylinder which is still a good car, it’s an all-wheel-drive car also there is more room seems like in this charger,” said Captain John Griffith.