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Ralph Morgan Rodeo happens this weekend

For 48 years, the Ralph Morgan Rodeo has drawn families from all over to watch steer wrestling, bareback horse-riding, and bull-riding.

“The rodeo started with Mr. Ralph Morgan and Mr. James Harper; they were good friends, they rodeo’ d together and they had the idea to put together a rodeo company, and started the Harper rodeo,” said Linda Clayton, promoter.

Clayton has spent most of her life attending rodeos.

“I’ve been to all but three, but I started out with rodeo a long time ago and watching it when my husband was competing, and it has just gone on from that,” said Linda Clayton, promoter.

Clayton also says competition from all over the US competes in the Ralph Morgan Rodeo.

“It’s been a lot of cowboys and cowgirls here that we’ve seen to go on to the nationals, plus bulls and horses, and every weekend it is different and lots of memories to make,” said Linda Clayton, promoter.

Clayton encourages anyone that has never been to a rodeo to come out and watch this weekend.

“It’s a fun time if you ever watched any rodeo on TV; you kind of know a little bit. It’s just a lot of action-packed and there’s a lot of knowledge that goes into each event for the cowboy or cowgirl for training that horse to do tricks,” said Linda Clayton, promoter.

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