Anderson Regional Cancer Center preparing for next Lunch and Learn event
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Anderson Regional Cancer Center preparing for next Lunch and Learn event

For quite a while, the Anderson Regional Cancer Center has hosted the Lunch and Learn series at the center on various, health-related topics. “It’s not just for patients—it’s for everybody in the community, because the more we all know about different health conditions, the better that is for everyone in helping manage and preventing those conditions,” said Dr. Caleb Dulaney, who is a radiation oncologist.

Dr. Dulaney will be hosting next week’s free lunch on Thursday, August 15th, and his presentation will be labeled Cancer 101. “We’re going to be talking about some of the basics and diving deep into some of the details of what cancer really is, what the treatments entail, and just letting people learn a lot more about something they probably know a little bit about. So, they’ll be able to get a lot more in-depth information and educate themselves about cancer in general,” said Dr. Dulaney.

Not only are these lunches located at the center for convenience, they’re also to give patients and non-patients a more relaxed platform to get all their questions answered. “There’s a lot of questions that people think of when they go home and relax, that, maybe they forget to ask when they see their doctor, or, don’t think about until they kind of let things settle in,” said Dr. Dulaney. “So, this is a good way to absorb some of that information, maybe think of questions or get questions answered that you have on the top of your head, without a lot of the pressure that goes into the medical setting.” Seating is limited, and you can call the cancer center to make a reservation at 601-485-5081.