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City of Meridian plans to keep workers safe in scorching weather

As the temperatures rise, The City of Meridian is preparing for maintenance worker safety after some workers suffered from heat distress.

“Earlier this week, we did have an incident where we had a couple of employees that had some heat related issues and had to be transported to a local hospital and since that time both employees have recovered and are back at work today,” said Doug Stephens, public safety director.

As you see behind me, the crew is working, they’ll spend 6 to 8 hours on shift, but it is recommended for them to take 15-minute breaks.

“We want the general public to understand that our employees may be spending some additional time in the truck and the air conditioner because those employees that work out there in the elements, they don’t have a building to come to and take a quick break so they’re relief and their recovery effort is their work vehicle,” said Doug Stephens, public safety director. According to City officials safety is key. “This is the first incident we’ve had in a while with the heat related issues, we’ve had some extreme temperatures about since Monday, we’ve had some very difficult heat related parts of the day and understand those heat related issues will sneak up on your employees that are out there working,” said Doug Stephens, public safety director.

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