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Lt. Governor Tate Reeves makes a stop in Meridian

Lieutenant governor Tate Reeve’s will be spending his next day’s traveling across Mississippi in hopes to gain support from voters on Tuesday.

Today, he made a stop in Meridian at Meridian Community College to visit the campus.

Reeves says one of the reasons he wants to become governor of Mississippi because he believes it’s heading in the right direction by having a strong economy and low unemployment rate.

“A couple of weeks ago, I announced a hundred million dollar capital investment in our workforce development facilities, We’re going to help Mississippians and help our people, we’ve got to ensure that we have a workforce that trains for the job of the next 50 years not the job of the last 50 years and that’s one of my keys and I want to get it done,” said Tate Reeves, Lt. governor.

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