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Clarke County Emergency Management gets an early start on tracking tropical weather

Tropical Storm Dorian is in the beginning stages and The Clarke County Emergency management department is sharing tips on how to prepare in advance.

“It’s still a good way out and obviously it’s very hard to predict up to six seven days out what it’s going to do.

There’s still a lot of variables but we are monitoring that. We’re watching to see what’s going to happen as it crosses Florida late in the weekend, is it going to the North, is it going to get in the gulf?” said Eddie Ivy, emergency management director.

Looking in the past, Ivy says there isn’t much of a damaging track record, but he says with tropical storms you never know what to expect.

“We’ve had some trees down some rainfall things like that. We all remember back 14 years ago this week to Hurricane Katrina when we were not that fortunate,” said Eddie Ivy, emergency management director.

Ivy adds how conditions vary.

“Depending on what the storm does we could be receiving more rain and heavier winds versus another scenario could put us in a lot much less hazardous area,” said Eddie Ivy, emergency management director.

Ivy says it’s still good to have needed supplies for hurricanes.

“If you need bottled water, snack food, things for your child to entertain so that they don’t get restless, a way to get weather information whether it’s your cellphone, your weather radio, an AM or FM radio whatever you can get to get weather information,"said Eddie Ivy, emergency management director.