Locals in Quitman participate in 4th Annual Stop The Violence rally
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Locals in Quitman participate in 4th Annual Stop The Violence rally

In Clarke County, residents rallied the streets in hope of spreading awareness to put an end to violence. During the rally several chanted in remembrance of Bruce O' Bryant Dear killed from violence 3 years ago.

“I’m trying to get all of us to stick together so we can stop all this violence, all of this non-sense that’s taking place in the world. It’s not right for people out here doing any and everything thing, for people taking their loved one from them. It’s just really bringing people together and showing that they are loved,” said Tracey Dear.

September 11, 2016 is a day that is all too emotional for Tracey Dear.

“I got a phone call probably around nine o clock from Alysia Dubose. She called me and told me that I needed to get out there and that my son had been shot and he was in the woods. I froze up,” said Tracey Dear.

Since then this rally has become a tradition to stand against violence. Several residents lined up at The Clarke County Court House and rallied towards The Sumrall Park in Quitman.

“We’re getting together at this community. Different people come in from different towns is a great thing because all of us in our heart; we want the same thing. We want the violence to stop,” Dear said.

This year’s rally also provided relief to a mother that lost a child from a sickness.

“I feel blessed like no other. Every day is getting better even though due to the circumstances that our sons passed away. It still hurts just the same and it’s important that we need to stand together and support one another and bring awareness of all kinds of people from everywhere,” said Marsha Moody.

In Honor of Bruce O' Bryant Dear known as “B Love”, his mother hopes to continue to bring about change to stop the violence.