A Southeast High School teacher uses a creative teaching style in her math class
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A Southeast High School teacher uses a creative teaching style in her math class

Southeast High School math teacher April Larkin is all too proficient in math and plans to help her students get an understanding of Algebra I & II.

“I graduated from Southeast Lauderdale High School. I had an excellent teacher Mrs. Debbie Coker. She just made me realize that math was my passion and I went to MCC and was tutoring math students, so I’ve just always loved numbers and wanted to teach math,” said April Larkin, Southeast High math teacher.

With technology at students’ fingertips it’s easy for students to find answers to math problems.

“They love that they can type their information in on Google. We have taken the cell phones away. We’re making sure that they learn the materials instead of just trying to research and get the answers. We may spend one or two days on a certain concept to make sure they really understand what they’re supposed to do,” said Larkin.

In Algebra I and Algebra II students will learn about quadratic functions, linear equations and slope intercepts.

“Sometimes they hate the idea of math. I have to find creative ways to keep them engaged. One way we work in groups, we use our Chrome Brooks to find like research information online and we also use a website called Kahn Academy where we practice questions as well,” Larkin said.

Southeast students find her teaching style very helpful.

“She explains it in many ways and if you have a question, she’ll answer it. She shows you how to do it,” said Lauren Pickett, Southeast High senior.

“She tells us different ways to do it. She makes sure that we get it and never really lets us quit and that we never get discouraged in any way,” said Peytn Hammond.

Peytyn Hammond plans on majoring in kinesiology and is thankful for receiving a background in math before she graduates.

“I know that I’m going to have to take college algebra and I’m not really good with math. Ms. Larkin has helped us so much and I know it’s going to help me later in college algebra and all the other math I have to take,” Hammond said.