First responders in Meridian are shown appreciation on 9/11
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First responders in Meridian are shown appreciation on 9/11

Eighteen years ago, first responders lost their lives during 9/11. Today, The Lauderdale County Foster Grandparent Program showed their appreciation locally to all first responders.

“We provided a little lunch for them, hot dogs, chips, cookies, lemonade and ice-cold water. We just wanted them to come in and feel comfortable and just sit down and eat. They could have taken it with them if they wanted too; we just wanted to say thank you,” said Johnnie Hopson.

First responders say they feel delighted when the public compliments them for their hard work.

“Folks are starting to recognize us more and more; it seems like in the public the more that I go out. Just the other morning I got off work and stopped by a local restaurant to eat breakfast and I had a guy from a local church, and he came in and gave me a cross and said God bless you,” said Captain Eric Hardy, Meridian Fire Dept.

Organizers with the Foster Grandparent Program say the work of first responders doesn’t go unnoticed.

“We think about them, we care about them and we know that they do an awesome job all the time. Whether it’s a horrific tragedy like 9/11 or just an everyday cause that they get. Everything is a serious thing everything, is a serious matter when it comes to the first responders,” said Hopson.

Sheriff Billie Sollie says first responders are always tied up on calls.

“First responders today have had to deal with a suicide, a fatal motor vehicle crash, an individual wishing to take his life with a gun and the city is also working an unfortunate situation,” said Sheriff Billy Sollie,LCSD Sheriff Dept.

Which is why first responders appreciate all who showed their appreciation today.

“We’ve had a long-standing great relationship with Multi-County, and we do appreciate them and what they’re doing for those first responders today,” Sollie said.