Mental health experts share how trainings benefit patients
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Mental health experts share how trainings benefit patients

Clinical Social Workers and Mental Health Therapists are training to become better experts in meeting the needs of mental health patients which requires additional training.

“Mental health issues cross the life span so from childhood to late adulthood people deal with mental health issues and may not even realize it. It’s just a struggle that they think they’re alone in, but we’re able to provide them some support. We can provide counseling for them on an individual level, on a group level,” said Spencer Blalock, clinical specialist.

Tomorrow, several healthcare representatives will participate in a CPR mental health training at MSU-Meridian that will cover all topics mental health patients face.

“As a mental health therapist and clinical social worker, we’re required to have 40 hours every two years of certified training and we go to various locations to get that training.” Said Ed Welch, Therapist.

The proper training helps therapist assists patients like Deborah Simpson.

I’ve been living in an assistant living house and I go three days a week to Collinsville to this workshop thing we got going on and it’s really saved my life. It’s brought me out of the depression that I had because I had to put my mother in a nursing home for Alzheimer’s and now, I’m kind of dealing with the same thing,” said Deborah Simpson, patient.

Simpson receives treatment by an intensive outpatient program and strongly encourages others that feel unhopeful to do the same.

“When people are alone at home, they’re going to do anything to make that feeling go away and some of them end up drinking or using drugs or taking their own life,” Simpson said.