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Twenty-Three teams participate in 23rd Annual EMBDC Golf Tournament

Today, local businesses participated in the Annual East Mississippi Business Development Corporation (EMBDC) Golf Tournament. Players on the green gave their best.

“My golfing skills are not very good but it’s all about the fun,” said Neil Henry.

“About a one on a scale of 10.” Said Von Burt.

This year marked the 23rd-Annual EMBDC tournament and the tournament support the organization financially.

“Our goal is to raise funds so that we can intern, be able to help our members broaden things and help bring in industry and work with our businesses and support them,” said Casey Holladay, events coordinator.

Local businesses designated a day to come together, have fun and support a good cause.

“It’s a catalyst for growth, those folks do a good job. They support a lot of the new businesses in town, a lot of the local functions. I’d hate to think of what it would be like without the EMBDC,” Holladay said.

“It’s not about competition out here, but we do have a lot of friendly competition and a little bit of bragging rights. It’s fun to come out and try to outdrive somebody or get a little closer to the green or to the hole,” Henry said.

The only fundraiser for the EMBDC continues to thrive every year.

“Having this event each year is great for the EMBDC. Our primary goal is to bring the business community together and this event does just that. People come out, they get teams, they have people that they work with,” said Casey Holladay, events coordinator.

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