Country Trail marker placed in Philadelpha in honor of Marty Gamblin
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Country Trail marker placed in Philadelpha in honor of Marty Gamblin

A new Country Music Trail Marker has been added in Mississippi for Country music Legend Marty Gamblin. The trail marker has been placed right in front of Philadelphia High School where Gamblin graduated from.

“I was in the band and really didn’t want to be in the band and wanted to quit and my mother and dad wouldn’t let me. I feel like my career got jump started here and had I not stuck with the band I don’t know if I’d ever had a career,” Gamblin said.

Several supporters shared their stories on how Gamblin impacted their lives.

“It always makes you wonder are they really talking about you? They say so many good things and you’re thinking, I hope they don’t touch on the negative. It really has been great,” Gamblin said.

Philadelphia native Marty Stuart also shared a recorded message of love congratulating Gamblin.

“Marty and I are cousins and he called me this afternoon because he had an event in Nashville today. He’s the artist in resident at The Country Music Hall of Fame this month. He had an event at 1 o’ clock and couldn’t be here,” Gamblin said.

Gamblin says Mississippi is a talent filled state and hopes his trail marker will encourage others to reach the path of success.

“I hope it helps just make the trail for Meridian to Philadelphia and throughout the rest of our state that much stronger,” Gamblin said.