Weekend brush fire sparks in Meridian
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Weekend brush fire sparks in Meridian

This is what’s left of a brush fire that quickly spread along Crestview Circle in Meridian on Saturday

“I was returning home and as we passed by, we could see smoke and some small flames. We turned the corner and the flames just started catching very quickly with the dry grass and it was going up the tree line a little bit and before you knew it was really high,” said Leigh Ford, witness.

People who live in the neighborhood quickly jumped into action.

“As soon as I finished driving down to my house which is down the street a little way, we got in and I told my mom and immediately called 9-11,” Ford said. “I’m just glad that they responded quickly, and the fire trucks got on scene and have gotten it under control because it was 15-20 feet high and spread 25 feet long.”

Fire officials say in dry conditions it doesn’t take much to start a brushfire.

“I have seen them start with just a coke bottle, glass bottle on the side on the road and the sun shining on it. It might have been a discarded cigarette that someone carelessly threw out.,” said Chief Terry Arnsborff, Clarkdale Fire Department.

It’s still not clear what sparked this weekend’s fire.