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Cyberstalking hearing held today in Lamar County for two Meridian women

Purvis, MS: Nearly two dozen people made the 1 1/2hr drive from Meridian to Purvis for today’s hearing. It was a huge show of support for Loretta Allen and Cara Divelbliss. The women are very vocal in a new social media push to get the case re-opened.

However, they’re accused of going too far. Allen and Divelbliss were charged with Cyberstalking Joel F. Wagner. He is the uncle of a friend of Christian Andreacchio.

Andreacchio’s mother was among those who turned out to support Allen and Divelbliss.

Lamar County Judge Bill Anderson dismissed the charges.

We reached out to Joel F. Wagner, who did not want to talk to us.

Meanwhile, the Lauderdale County District Attorney has previously stated she would reopen the Andreacchio case if new evidence is presented.

5:45pm UPDATE:

Joel F. Wagner contacted us with this statement – “I chose to drop the charges with a mutual agreement signed by myself, Ms Divelbliss and Ms Bennet. The agreement/restraining order keeps any of the parties involved from posting any further false allegations or harassing statements through social media towards any of the other parties or their family members. The judge also stated that none of the parties involved could use a 3rd party to post such content. Anyone who breaks the agreement will be held in contempt.”

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