MS Lottery communications director speaks at rotary meeting
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MS Lottery communications director speaks at rotary meeting

Less than two months until lottery fever hits Mississippi and we’re getting a better picture of what to expect on that first day.

Meg Annison the director of communications for The Mississippi Lottery spoke at the Rotary Club meeting in Lauderdale County about the current status of the lottery.

“There are scratch-off games initially we are in the process of working on those. We’re still hiring some staff. It’s just a lot going on by getting retailers on board. There’s no limit to the number of retailers,” said Meg Anninson.

Anninson also says once lottery tickets are sold the money will be put to use in areas needed for the state.

“We have one big pile to work from and everyone has needs whether it’s the correction system, Medicaid, education. The state needs a lottery to get that extra boost to roads and bridges and into our education enhancement fund.” Anninson said. “The 80 million in net proceeds go towards infrastructure needs around the state after 10 years that 80 million revers back to the general fund. Any proceeds over 80 million in perpetuity go towards the education fund.”

In order to play lottery in the state there is an age restriction.

“To play in a casino here you have to be twenty-one, to drink you have to be 21 so we’re just keeping our guidelines the same,” said Anninson.

The first day for the Lottery to begin will be December 1st