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Hays Monsour completes Eagle Scout project

Hays Monsour is completing a service task that consists of assembling a new business sign while working towards his eagle scout project.

“A good friend of my grandparents reached out who’s the director here at Midd Meridian and said hey I’d like you to do this project for me and it’s MIDD. It stands for Mississippi Industries for the Developmentally Disabled. It provides disabled adults the chance to make a living doing work and stuff,” said Hays Monsour.

When placing the new sign in the ground, there were challenges but Monsour refused to give up.

“We had to make sure everything would fit together by putting both pieces together measuring the boards, making sure they’re all cut right and precise,” Monsour said.

Monsour says the visibility of the old sign wasn’t the best and that’s why he and his troops decided to pitch in.

“It was falling apart. The wood was rotten, like when we loaded it in the back of my dads’ truck everything just fell apart,” Monsour said.

Monsour says MIDD Meridian services will now go unnoticed.

“It makes me feel good knowing that Mr. Buddy and the people that work here are going to be really happy with how it looks. Mr. Buddy explained to me how he wants people who work here to understand that this is important and what they do is important, and people care about what they do. The old sign didn’t show that,” Monsour said.

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