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Clarkdale 8th grade students learn about vaping dangers

Students at the Clarkdale Attendance Center are learning about the dangers that come with vaping. This comes after a special visit from The American Cancer Society.

“It’s at least 50% and in some places higher than that of kids who have tried and or are vaping more than once a week,” said Cheryl Thaggard, community development manager.

According to officials with the American Cancer Society, there are toxins and other particles that can cause the body harm when inhaled.

“There are metals that are in the juice and your lungs might not ever get rid of them. You damage your lungs to the point where it can’t do what it’s supposed to do,” Thaggard said.

The biggest concern is under age students getting access to vape products.

“We come across several different ways. I’ve come across where they steal the device from an older family member, grandparent, cousin, aunt, uncle. The pods they can buy from people at school,” Thaggard said.

Cheryl Thaggard hopes to continue to reach students across East Mississippi making them think twice before vaping.

“We want all the information and knowledge to get to these kids about vaping and how detrimental it can be to their bodies,” Thaggard said.