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West Lauderdale Middle School students participate in Red Ribbon Week

Students at West Lauderdale Middle School are getting in the spirit of saying no to drugs while participating in National Red Ribbon Week.

“It felt great to be able to be out here and support Red Ribbon Week and getting to display all of this and to spread the message about how kids are being exposed to vaping, “said Kaitlyn Anthony, West Lauderdale student.

“Vaping is out now, all they want to do is vape. Basically, we had to spread the word because they don’t think its nicotine in it, but it is, and it can affect you tomorrow because it can cause you sickness,” said Glorious Johnson, West Lauderdale student.

Students decked the halls with ribbons and planted the number of flags outside that equals the number of students that have been exposed to vaping. Teachers hope students will learn an important message during this observance week.

“I’m hoping that maybe they’ll fight the fad and fight the coolness of vaping. I’m hoping that maybe they’ll not succumb to peer pressure and bullying and become addicted to alcohol or drugs. I want them to be the best successful people that they can be and be prepared for college and career or military, whatever they may choose,” said Mary Hillshular