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The Lauderdale County Emergency Management monitors weather

Officials with Lauderdale County Emergency Management are keeping a close eye on heavy rain that is expected to pass through the area over the weekend.

“We’re here in our weather room, we’re here in our EOC right now where we keep our radars going. We stay on top of it and if anything happens, we’ll be on the Nixel Emergency Notification,” said Odie Barrett, director of emergency management.

The biggest concern with emergency officials is the flooding hazard.

“We’re possibly going to see some localized flooding. If you see water crossing the road don’t try and drive through it, turn around and don’t drown. We are staying on top of it and keeping our eyes on it. We’re hoping what we’ve got coming through is going to pass by,” said Odie Barrett, director of emergency management.

Officials say regardless of the size of flooding puddles drivers should take precaution.

“Even if you have a half of inch and it’s all the way across the road and there’s water completely across it don’t go. You don’t know if there’s a road under there. It may be a lot deeper than we expect, we just can’t see the road. If water is completely across the road in the safest thing is to turn around and find another route,” said Odie Barrett, director of emergency management.