The Meridian Public Housing Authority launches Envision Center
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The Meridian Public Housing Authority launches Envision Center

The Meridian Public Housing Authority launched The Envision Center to provide locals and residents community resources.

“The success of The Envision Center is definitely going to be ensured. Dr. Denise Cleveland Legit, our regional administrator came into town today to officially give us an Envision Center designation. We’ve been doing this for over the past 25 years,” said Ronald Turner Sr, MHA executive director.

City officials say this center is now another accessible resource for all to access.

“I’m so thankful that The Housing Authority had the vision and the leadership to bring this Envision Center here to Meridian. It is going to benefit not only the residents of The Housing Authority but the local community.”

"It will be open and available for everyone to come and use the facilities and learn, we’re going to grow,” said Judge Velma Young.

The Center will provide classes on obtaining a GED, and financial literacy workshops.

“Education is critical to the advancement of the individuals in our communities: so, the economic empowerment, the education advancement, the health and wellness. If people are sick, if they’re not well physically they can’t really progress. if they don’t have the educational tools to get a job,”said Denise Cleveland-Leggett.