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Grand Opening of The Skin Cancer Clinic in Meridian

Today there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Grand opening of “The Skin Cancer Clinic” in Meridian.

Dr. Condon Hughes founded "The Skin Cancer Clinic" this year and believes the clinic will help serve the community of Meridian with a non-invasive “virtual skin biopsy”.

“Today we’re opening up the skin cancer clinic, which is a place where you can come and get a non-invasive skin biopsy. Hopefully so that you don’t have to have a lesion removed that’s not cancerous" said Dr. Condon Hughes.

“ The statistics say that one in five Americans will eventually develop skin cancer and our goal is to screen you early with our laser microscope so that we can catch the skin cancers early or tell you that, that spot on your skin, you don’t have to worry about.” said Dr. Condon Hughes.

The clinic will start seeing patients on Monday, November 4th.