The Race For District Attorney is Heating Up
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The Race For District Attorney is Heating Up

One of the most closely watched races is that of Lauderdale District Attorney.

The next District Attorney could play a pivitol role in the push to get the Christian Andreacchio case re-opened.

Incumbent District Attorney Kassie Coleman said she’ll reopen the case – only if new evidence is presented.

That’s not the only issue Coleman is running on.

“I believe that without a doubt my experience, my training, and my relationship with law enforcement is what sets me apart from my opponent. I have over sixteen years of experience as a felony level prosecutor, right now. I’m the only one that has jury trial experience and also have already started that working relationship with law enforcement to make sure that they’re trained and that we’re moving forward”, said Kassie Coleman, District Attorney Candidate.

“I have been a prosecutor both for the city of Quitman and for the town of Enterprise. I’ve also been a criminal defense attorney. To my knowledge my opponent has never represented anyone in court other than the state, so I have a different view of our criminal justice system, and a different view of our system in general. I’ve been guardian ad litem in youth court, I’ve been a juvenile defender, I’ve set up businesses, non-profits, I’ve kind of done it all", said Michael Grace, District Attorney Candidate.

One of the issues both candidates address is the opioid crisis and other drugs that are an issue in the surrounding counties.

“In all four of our counties, Lauderdale, Clarke and Wayne county, have certainly seen a lot of methamphetamine cases, and we’re seeing some drugs that are being sold as other drugs, but when they’re coming back from the crime lab, they’re still methamphetamine cases. Opioids are definitely a problem across the state and within our jurisdiction and those cases can manifest not just in your typical possession or sell cases, but also the prescription for all the doctor shopping, things of that nature, but I would say meth is probably still the largest drug.", said D.A. Coleman.

“Well the opioid crisis is definitely an epidemic that’s ravaging the country. The pre- trial diversion program can take those offenders who have an opioid addiction or any other drug addiction, and meet them where they’re at in their own addiction, try to lead them on a path to full recovery”, said Grace.