Veterans are honored in Meridian
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Veterans are honored in Meridian

Nationally, veterans were recognized for their service to our country. Locally in Lauderdale County veterans held a ceremony near The Doughboy Statue to honor and remember all soldiers that served.

“I’ve served my country and if I had to go back and if I would do the same thing over again,” said Raymond Bradford.

“I’m proud of what I did, and I see other people that are the same and we feel it’s good. Other people are glad that we did what we did going far away from home and particularly being away from the holidays,” said Susan Sylvester.

Veterans remember the choice they made by enlisting in the service and it was to help make a difference and they say it was the best decision they ever made.

“It was a war going on in Vietnam at that time and I joined the Navy to be part of the Navy, but I ended up going right to Vietnam and I knew that I would learn a lot being in the military and it’s paid off.” Bradford said.

“It was a way to get away from where I was and it’s hard when you’re right out of high school to get a place on your own to afford anyplace on your own. When they used to say join the Navy and see the world that’s what happened,” said Sylvester.