Freeze Warning Over Multiple Counties
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Freeze Warning Over Multiple Counties

The chilly weather has brought an issued freeze warning that has been placed over Lauderdale, Kemper, Wayne And Clarke counties.

Clarke Country Emergency Management gives some tips and tricks on how you can be prepared with this freeze warning.

Sub-freezing temperatures are expected from late this afternoon through Wednesday morning

Eddie Ivy: “We’re encouraging people to take the precautions necessary to prevent pipes from freezing, wrapping those, insulating them, covering them up. Also, if your outside dress appropriately for the weather. Dress in layers, so that you can take some off if you get hot or add some, that’s easier to manage your temperature and not get sweaty. People do think about that, but if you get sweaty and with cold temperatures and the wind, hypothermia is a possibility”, said by Eddie Ivy, Director For Clarke County Emergency Management.

Not only do you want to protect your home, but you’ll also want to protect your furry friends from the harsh temperatures.

“Look out for making sure you have a warm place for your pets, but certainly make sure that you check on your neighbors to make sure they have heat, and they have a warm place to be. That’s a very important concern right now, making sure everyone has a place out of this cold weather”, said Ivy.

It is important to think of those close to you when preparing for freezing temperatures.

“Make sure that you check on those people that might need a little bit of help right now, maybe even securing their homes before the cold weather. The elderly neighbors, and not just the elderly neighbors, all of our neighbors, we need to make sure they have adequate heating in their home, that they have plenty of food to keep their energy level up”, said Ivy.

The freeze warning will remain in effect until 10 am Wednesday