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Mississippi ranked high for adult obesity

“I’ve always been heavy, it’s a battle that I’ve fought all my life”, said Steve Stringer

Losing weight is one of the toughest things anyone can do.

“You’ve got to make up your mind in order to change your eating habits and I know after I had cancer, for eight years I was overweight from all of the steroids”, said Cathy McFerrin.

But extra pounds can take years off your life.

This is a struggle for people across the country, but Mississippi nearly tops a list when it comes to the most obese states.

Club 4 Fitness is one of the many gyms here in Meridian that are helping members of the community combat obesity.

Many in the community have experienced adult obesity themselves or through friends and family.

“I’ve dieted, I’ve lost weight, I gain it back, with friends, and it’s an ongoing battle, with myself and so many people. I had gastric surgery and at the time I was weighing about 360 lbs. and since then I’ve lost about 160 lbs., so I’m feeling a lot better. Weight’s not going to magically go away, you must make a decision to a lifestyle change. Doing it the way you’ve always done it isn’t going to get it done for you”, said Steve Stringer.

Although the fight to decrease adult obesity is not easy, members of the community like Steve and Cathy, say that it is possible.

“ You can even do pushups at the sink, that will help your upper body, I would do that even when I was doing chemo, just little things that would try to get my body back, but it was tough. The hardest thing is just you; you’re holding yourself back. If you want to change your diet, if you want to change your exercise, you’ve got to go do it”, said Cathy McFerrin.

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