Sanders Air & Heat merges with Dean Plumbing
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Sanders Air & Heat merges with Dean Plumbing

Sanders Air and Heat has now merged under the name Dean and Sanders Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. Both owners say it was a wise decision.

“We just made this decision in the last two weeks. We’ve been talking about it and praying about it very hard. Both of us have and we have Christian core values that are the same. We want to treat people as they would treat us,” said Chuck Sanders, owner.

Both Dean and Sanders say this merger will help two local businesses thrive in the Meridian Community.

“Doing business with us, you’re supporting a local business and you’re also supporting local families. We employ people that live here. The people that we pay their money goes back into the community. They pay taxes on it. We pay the taxes on them. It’s just a big round circle that fruitfully goes around,” said Jonathan Dean, owner.

It is the community that both businesses plan on supporting and making a difference.

“I definitely want to do what I can to make this community a better place. We’re both Christian companies. How else can we make the community a better place other than aligning two Christian companies that both want to do good in the community,” said Dean.