Salvation Army Kettle Kickoff
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Salvation Army Kettle Kickoff

‘Tis the season of ringing bells and the popular red kettles.

Today, the salvation army held its annual kettle kickoff at Bonita Lakes Mall.

With the money collected through the kettles they can ensure the less fortunate members of the community do not have to go without.

“My first experiences with salvation army as a young lady in Georgia, it was a organization, it used to help people a lot. I just think it’s great the community just try to pull together and help people that’s what God would have us to do, because you can never know when you can be on the spectrum where you’re in need. Like I say, hey, it could be us, you know? You don’t look down on people and all kinds of things like that. If you can help, help, if you can’t pray for them”, said Thelma Payton.

If you don’t carry cash, no problem.

The Salvation Army accepts digital donations using Google and Apple Pay.